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Executive Summary

  • Tough Stuff Adventures (TSA) is an integrated, homogenous farming company that operates on and owns 27,192 Ha of land in western Botswana approximately 26 km from the town of Ghanzi.
  • The TSA property comprises 5 farms, 4 of which are freehold in total 18,192 Ha and 1 leasehold 9,000 Ha, leased from the Government with approx. 40 years to run on the lease. All 5 are contiguous
  • The majority of the farms are on the Ghanzi limestone ridge and have plentiful, shallow, sweet and reliable water.
  • The property is externally fenced with a 17-strand 2.4 metre game fence in accordance with legislation. Total length approx. 110km
  • TSA operates an 18,192 Ha game farm on the freehold farms, this operates under the name of Kanana Safaris.
  • TSA operated a 9,000 Ha cattle farm on the leasehold farm under the name Kanana Ranching. The cattle on this farm have been liquidated as part of this sale process. The land is currently leased out to a local rancher. The lease is subject to a 120 day break clause.
  • The property was previously in the process of development as an eco wildlife estate. Approved documentation is available.
  • The property has been developed extensively in the last 6 years and is now one of the best-developed extensive ranches in Botswana.
  • The company is for sale, inclusive of all assets.